Neuropathy Treatment

There are over 100 known causes of neuropathy. Some of the more common are stenosis of the spine, disc degeneration, diabetes, vascular disease, and the side effects of certain medications. The pain and symptoms come from decreased blood supply to the nerves. Without proper blood flow in the capillaries, the nerves are void of oxygen and nutrients, and cannot eliminate waste.

Cutting edge technology for relief from neuropathy symptoms.

Our program can help with many different causes of neuropathy. It is a drug-free, multi-disciplinary approach that will eliminate pain and stimulate healing. Best of all, you will experience relief!

The standard recommendations for patients suffering with neuropathy are drugs such as Neurontin, Gabapentin, Lyrica and even highly addictive narcotics. Unfortunately, these drugs don’t reverse the damage to the nerves and often cause undesirable side effects. Between the pain and medication’s side effects, Peripheral Neuropathy becomes a debilitating disease, and this standard approach creates a downward spiral for those who suffer from it.

We take a different approach. We offer a better solution: find the root cause of the problem and address it.

We use state of the art technology and nutrition to open up blood flow to the nerves, calming the chronic pain and allowing the body to heal. Our program corrects and re-educates nerve impulses, and provides astonishingly quick relief.

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