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Here’s the problem: you’ve tried diet, you’ve tried exercise.  You’ve tried everything, but just can’t seem to lose the weight or keep it off.

Most diets don’t work because they’re based around deprivation and will power.  Losing fat isn’t about calories in vs. calories out.  It’s about correcting your metabolism.  When you reset your metabolism, your body burns fat naturally without exercise or dieting.

Your body is designed to burn fat for energy.  When you burn fat for energy, you lose weight without having saggy skin.  Most people have unknowingly trained their body to burn sugar instead of burning fat.

Quick Results

With our program:

  • In 6 short weeks, we will turbo-charge your metabolism and help your body get out of sugar-burning mode and get into fat-burning mode.
  • You choose the number of pounds you wish to lose, and we plot out the program and timeline to get you there.
  • Once you get the fat off, we’ll teach you how to keep it off with powerful fat-burning strategies, that don’t have anything to do with exercise.
  • The best part is the improvement in how you look, how you feel, and in your blood test markers. Our program improves your weight by improving your health.  We monitor your blood markers for proof with each client.  See how well you can reverses and prevent disease when you lose the bad fat!.

Our metabolism reset program makes fat burning so simple, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner!

We teach our patients when they’re burning sugar and when they’re burning fat. Once you understand the difference, you can easily control your weight for the rest of your life without bone-jarring exercise and unrealistic restrictive diets.

You can virtually melt away FAT without strenuous dieting or excessive exercising. This is one of the best weight loss systems to come along in years, when you’re talking about FAST EFFECTIVE weight loss.

We have made this system work FAST, SAFE, EASY, and most of all EFFECTIVE!

Most people who are overweight have been unable to find a simple and easy to follow system to reduce their fat, keep it off.

People realize that when they’re heavy, they lose stamina and strength, and their fat cells clog your vital organs. But busy lives, demanding jobs, and stubborn weight that won’t come off with hard exercise create an uphill battle people can’t seem to win.

Our FAT-loss management system is completely safe, easy to follow, and works because it gets to the core of why you’re not burning fat. We administer common-sense protocols based on scientific principles. When you use this system, you will have more energy, enjoy your body shape, and improve your skin and complexion. Everyone will notice the changes you’ve made.


You won’t make radical changes or take hormones with this program. This doctor-guided program will begin with a consultation. We will determine the number of pounds you wish to lose. Once you begin your program, you will start lose up to 1 pound per day.

Top Reasons why this is real and scientific, and not a gimmick:

  • It’s not a diet!: Many diets can’t do what they promise. Diets can’t address fat burning. Cutting calories lowers your metabolism, which causes your body to hold onto fat instead of burning it. This results in water and muscle loss, but not fat loss.
  • It’s not about weight loss, it’s about FAT loss: Successful weight loss must mean FAT loss, not just weight loss. Fat burning happens when your metabolism shifts toward FAT-burning mode, and away from sugar-burning mode.
  • It’s all in your Metabolism!: Your body can’t burn fat unless your hormones tell it to! Are your hormones telling your body to burn fat, or are they telling your body to store fat and burn sugar instead?? If your metabolism is stuck in sugar-burning mode, no diet will ever help you lose fat. You’ll only lose muscle and water because that’s what the hormones are telling it to do. When your hormones are fixed, your metabolism will be fixed, and you will burn fat all night long while you sleep, and all day while you work!
  • You can’t depend on exercise!: If you’re heavy and you exercise, the body sees that as stress! All of the strain on the joints and muscle creates minor pain signals – this is stress to the body. The body has to repair sore muscles – more stress. The body releases cortisol in response to stress, and cortisol is a fat-storing hormone. Exercise is good, but only at the right time. We recommend correcting your metabolism with our program to create a certain amount of weight loss first. Then if you choose to exercise, it will be helpful not stressful to the body!
  • Eating fat doesn’t make you fat: The inability to burn fat makes you fat. Eating sugar and starches make you fat because it causes insulin release, which forces your body to store fat! Eating good fat actually helps your body burn fat. Examples are coconut oil, olive oil, real butter. Bad fats like trans fats, margarine, and vegetable shortening are the ones that cause weight gain and disease.
  • It’s not about the Will Power!: When will power wanes, your diet fails! Remember, success is not about starving or cutting calories. It’s about metabolism. You cannot fix a bad metabolism with will power.

Our metabolism reset program makes fat burning so simple, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner!

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